IPM-HT-Hall-system can measure the Hall coefficient and electrical resistivity of bulk and thin film samples from room temperature to 900 K. With the Hall coefficient and resistivity, the carrier concentration and carrier mobility will be obtained.

Temperature range: RT – 900 K
Typical measurement range:
Hall-coefficient: larger 0.1 cm3/C
Electrical conductivity: 1 – 10.000 S/cm
Carrier concentration: up to 1022 1/cm3
Carrier mobility: 0.5 – 500 cm2/(Vs)
Sample dimension: square shape
8 mm (width) x 8 mm (length) x 0.2 – 1mm (thickness)
5 mm (width) x 5 mm (length) x 0.2 – 0.5mm (thickness)
Gas: Ar and air (If other gas is needed, please contact the responsible person.)