The Department's Gender Equality Team

It is our goal to increase the proportion of female employees and students by offering a variety of means of supportive measures, such as grants from the gender equality fund. The equal opportunity officers take part in job interviews, are members of review committees for new professorships and have a seat in the faculty council, both in advisory capacity. The equal opportunity officers will be happy to advise you on current offers regarding scholarships, access to networks and education.

Save the date: Coaching series to land your dream job

The gender equality team of the department of Materials- and Geosciences organizes a coaching series for female students. Learn from professional trainers which job opportunities there are in your field, how to present yourself and how to maximize the impact of your job documents!

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Departmental Gender Equality Concept

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Picture: Jessica Bagnoli | TU Darmstadt

Equal Opportunity Funding

A committee consisting of representatives of the materials- and geosciences department decides on the allocation of funds for the promotion of women. The committee is composed of representatives from all status groups.

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