Equal Opportunity Funding

The Department of Material- and Geosciences receives about 10.000 € annually to promote equal opportunities for female students and staff. A commission, consisting of student, scientific staff and administrative-technical staff members, reviews the support applications.

The members of the commission are:

  • Sarah Diekmeier (Scientific Associate)
  • Maryam Azadeh (Scientific Associate)
  • Dr. Leandra Weydt (Scientific Associate)
  • Dr. Gabriela Mera (Scientific Associate)
  • Ulrike Simons (Administrative-technical Staff)
  • Gabriele Rühl (Administrative-technical Staff)
  • Bai-Xiang Xu (Professor)

The equal opportunity fund of the TU Darmstadt provides financial support to…

  • … promote equal opportunities
  • … improve the studying/researching/working conditions of women
  • … increase the amount of women in scientific and engineering study programs
  • … support women in science
  • … support networking amongst women
  • Female students
  • Female scientific staff
  • Female administrative-technical staff
  • Female professors

Applications for support from the equal opportunity fund have to be submitted to the equal opportunity officers of the Fachbereich 11 () using the form below. Applications have to be submitted before the starting date of the event. In case of not women-specific purposes (e.g. conference participation) the applicant has to provide proof about the exploration of other funding options and that alternative funding applications were not successful)

Application form (opens in new tab)

Please also carefully read the following detailed information on the application and the reimbursement process: Information Frauenfördermittel (opens in new tab)

Examples of previously supported events

  • Travel support for the FemTec program
  • Travel support for conferences / conference registration fees
  • Workshop „Stärken-Schwächenanalyse“
  • Childcare during conferences
  • Field trips/ excursions