QuamM project wins prize for Sustainability and Interdisciplinarity for resource efficient magnets


Our project “QuamM” (Qualification of Magnetic Materials for Additive Manufacturing), funded by the Forum for Interdisciplinary Research (FiF), was awarded the Prize for Sustainability and Interdisciplinarity at TU Darmstadt. We thank the Association of Friends of TU Darmstadt for the prize money!

Our Functional Materials Team consisting of Lukas Schäfer, Jianing Liu, Kilian Schäfer and Prof. Oliver Gutfleisch and our colleagues from Mechanical Engineering Jana Harbig, Holger Merschroth, Julian Storch and Prof. Matthias Weigold from PTW researched the additive manufacturing of functional magnetic materials. As these materials contain rare earth elements that are classified as highly critical, the focus is on resource-efficient processing creating net-shapes and local property profiles.

This project has also provided a scientific basis and collaboration that will now continue at the TU's recently opened Additive Manufacturing Center AMC.