RFDA HT 1750

The RFDA HT 1750 enables the Young's modulus to be measured using pulse excitation measurements from room temperature up to 1750°C. The measurements can be carried out during the entire heating and cooling process. Rectangular specimens can be measured; their geometry should correspond to the standard DIN EN 843-2.

RFDA HT 1750 technical Data

Internal dimensions of the furnace 148 x 208 x 176 mm
Temperature range Room temperature – 1750 °C
Heating elements MoSi2 heating elements (8 pieces)
Heating/cooling rate 1 – 5 °C/min
Isolation material Al2O3 (PCW)
Furnace wall cooling water cooling
Atmosphere Air
Furnace (sample) loading swing system
Number of samples 1
Max. Length of sample 8 cm
Positioning excitation system ? Adjustable
Positioning microphone ? Adjustable
Dilatometer unavailable