Photoelectrochemical analysis and performance characterization

Zahner Zennium

Photoelectrochemical experiments can be conducted in a three-electrode setup from Zahner using a PECC-2 cell system, which is specially tailored for analyzing electrode materials with photoelectrochmical methods. The cell is manufactured from TEFLON and PTCFE and thus are highly stable against chemicals

The Zahner setup is controlled by a Zahner Zennium Potentiostat. Light sources (LED lamps) with distinct excitation wavelengths are avaiable for evaluation of semiconductor photoelectrodes with different band gap energies. The setup is also equipped with a white-light LED (average lamda = 536 nm, P = 100 mW cm−2 ) simulating the irradiation of the sun. Quantum efficiencies can be determined by Zahner tunable light source system, model CIMPS TLS03, employing a LED array for monochromatic light excitation.